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Galaxy Fish 5'10"

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Upcycled Skate Art

This one is sold, but we can make another using the same or similar wood sources. Simply purchase this board on the website, and we'll reach out within 12 hours to discuss next steps, the production schedule, and any unique requirements you have.

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This one-of-a-kind, performance fish is a collaboration with Upcycled Skate Art. 

The top and bottom decks are made from redwood offcuts provided by Uncommon Brewer, makers of Ventana Special Bitter and other classic beers. Upcycled Skate Art created a beautiful pour of EcoPoxy with wine-colored, Black Diamond Pigments and glitter that looks like a galaxy on both sides of the board. The epoxy is Uncommon Brewerstranslucent which allows the internal frame to show through. The board is accented with black and gold pin-stripping.

The glassed-on keel fins are made of fiddleback redwood salvaged from our local mountains and are based on a template by Locus Surfboards.

The inlayed wooden stars in the fins were crafted by our collaboration partner Paul Jasper of Cooper Pig Fine Woodworking in Framingham, Massachusetts. Paul used wood from the Ventana Upcycle Partner Program to create the stars. The red colored Doug fir is from the hull of the Western Flyer, considered by many to be the most famous fishing boat in the world. John Steinbeck, Ed "Doc" Ricketts and crew sailed this 77-foot sardine Copper Pig Fine Woodworkingboat into the Sea of Cortez in Baja California, Mexico in 1940. The following year, Steinbeck published his book, The Log from the Sea of Cortez about the adventure. Learn more about this amazing boat and Ventana's use of its wood. The lighter wood is from the floorboards of the historic cooperage building on the campus of UC Santa Cruz. The cooperage was used to make barrels for limestone during the California Gold Rush in the 1800s. The darkest wood is ebony from Santa Cruz Guitar Company fret board offcuts. Martijn filled the gaps between the stars and the fin with a brass using a secret Ventana process.Western Flyer  

The rails are made of cork, which is sustainable, more resistant to dings, and easier to repair. There are two sheets of Aerialite 4-ounce fiberglass on top and one on bottom. The epoxy is Entropy Super Sap 100 bio-resin which is up to 40% tree sap and is very strong and light.

As with all Ventana Surfboards, the interior is glassed and sealed, as well. Tyler Hopkins of Locus Surfboards did the sand and polish on the board.

This board is hollow, lightweight and will ride as great as it looks. We provide a free wall mount or floor stand depending on your need.

Made in Santa Cruz, California by master craftsman Martijn Stiphout in collaboration with Alex Wong of Upcycled Skate Art.

    Dimensions: 5'10" x 21.5" x 2.4"

    Approx. 15 pounds 

    See progress pics and videos here!

    All Ventana Surfboards are ECOBOARD Project Gold Level Verified by!

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    Pre-owned wooden Ventana surfboard

    Galaxy Fish 5&
    Surfboard - Galaxy Fish 5&
    Surfboard - Galaxy Fish 5&
    Surfboard - Galaxy Fish 5&
    Surfboard - Galaxy Fish 5&
    Surfboard - Galaxy Fish 5&
    Surfboard - Galaxy Fish 5&
    Surfboard - Galaxy Fish 5&
    Surfboard - Galaxy Fish 5&

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