Custom Hollow Wooden Surfboards

Our boards are one-of-a-kind, surfable works of art. If you would like a custom board made to your specs, please contact David Dennis at or +1-831-915-4326.

  • Ventana hollow wooden custom surfboards start at $8000.

Our method of building hollow wooden surfboards is a synthesis of traditional design and modern techniques, materials, and knowledge. We only build boards that are surfable and perform well. Even if our boards live out their lives adorning the walls of collectors, they instill the experience of surfing adventures in everyone who sees them.

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History of Hollow Wooden Surfboards

Hollow wooden surfboards were first built by a surfer/paddler named Tom Blake in the 1930’s. The boards built then were revolutionary in that they combined nautical, aerospace and surfing knowledge to build lighter paddleboards. Once foam surfboards hit the market in the late 1950’s wooden boards became almost obsolete. Foam was lighter, cheaper, faster to produce and shape, and less care was needed. Wooden boards almost disappeared. In recent times, the resurgence towards craftsman building methods and the quest for alternative surf craft has re-inspired many to look at wooden surfboards as a viable option.

Custom Boards

Customization options vary greatly. Starting with the design, you can choose either a shape that we've built before or we can design a custom shape for you. From there you can select the look of the deck, wood type, fin setups, leash and vent plug options, and inlays. We can even incorporate objects and wood pieces with special meaning to you.

Each board comes with a special edition of our standard Save-a-Surf Wax Box. This version is engraved with includes two vent plug screws for your new surfboard!

All Ventana Surfboards are ECOBOARD Project Gold Level Verified by!

ECOBOARD Gold Level Verified by

Wood Types

Most of the wood we use in surfboard production is recycled or reclaimed in some way...salvaged decks, floor boards, wall studs or off-cuts from cabinet shop production. Redwood is one of our favorites due to its beauty and style. All of the old buildings here in Santa Cruz were built of redwood, most of it beautiful heart wood free from knots or defects. The old lumber is often old growth that was cut from 1000+ year old trees, yielding dark, rich colors with straight and tight grains. Lumber like this hasn't been available as "new" lumber for many years, and the new growth just doesn't compare. Along with availability, redwood is great to use because of its lightness, resistance to rot and insects and the joy of working with it. Other common woods we like to use are Douglas fir, cedar, pine, and ash, all species that are locally grown and often discarded. You never know what you can find in scrap wood, most people don't understand the value of what gets thrown out. We like to send it surfing.

Fin Types

You can choose any fin setup that you like. Usually, our fins are glassed directly onto the board, but it is possible to install fin boxes, so you have more flexibility in your fin setup.


We have always enjoyed inlaying different things into boards. We've used abalone, shells, urchins, found jade stones, brass and wood. Often, we will fill knot holes of tail blocks with small items we have collected from around the world. These little touches really finish off the boards, and we're always interested in trying new things.

Leash & Vent Plug

All hollow boards require a vent plug to allow the air pressure inside the board to equalize. A board in warm weather going into cold water will have negative pressure, whereas a cold board left in the sun will build high pressure. Without a vent plug the boards would be unable to breathe which could lead to failure of the structure. Don't be afraid, it's easy! The plugs are simple thumb screws that need to be tightened right before going in the water and opened as you leave to allow pressure to adjust. We often combine the leash plug and vent plug into one unit, but they can also be separated.


Custom Ventana surfboards are priced starting at $8000. Size, design, required delivery date, and the provenance of the materials all impact the price, but the price you're quoted is the price you'll pay. A 50% deposit is required for us to get started on your custom Ventana surfboard.

Read frequently asked questions about our wooden boards.