Ventana Brand Values

Artisanship. Responsibility. Adventure.


Ventana SurfboardsArtisanship.

Quality and artisanship are very important to us. Every detail matters, and we want everything we make and sell to be used by our customers for many years.
Our hollow wooden surfboards are hand-crafted, surfable works of art that set the quality bar for every product we offer.


Every Ventana product speaks to environmental and/or social responsibility, and we donate at least 5% of profits to ocean conservation. A clean, protected sea is required for our business to succeed and for all of us to continue to enjoy the ocean. Social responsibility helps us create the kind of world in which we want to live.

All our surfboards, handplanes, surf supplies, and apparel run deep on the environmental responsibility front. Every Ventana surfboard is Ecoboard Gold Certified by Sustainable Surf. And, all of our boards, handplanes, and wooden products are made from reclaimed, historical, found wood, and offcuts from other businesses participating in our Upcycle Partner Program. Our apparel uses only recycled and organic materials. We offset the carbon impact of our customer shipments by funding forest protection projects using Offset by Shopify.

Further, we think about our suppliers and collaborators in concentric circles. We focus primarily on collaborating with artists, vendors, and collaborators from local, Monterey Bay-based small businesses. From there, we look to California-based businesses and then U.S.-based. Although rare, we occasionally source products from responsible vendors overseas.

Finally, we're transparent with our customers about the ways in which our products aren't perfect from a responsibility perspective. For instance, we do not yet use water-based inks in our silk-screening. This isn't ideal for the environment, but we like the quality of these inks, and we contract the printing to a Santa Cruz-based non-profit, Barrios Unidos, an organization that has promoted multicultural social justice, non-violence, and economic equity for more than 40 years.


Ventana's surfboards and supplies are made to be put to the test by ocean adventurers everywhere. Everything we make or sell is made to be used in the wild.

We create beautiful, high quality surf products that help people live an adventurous, ocean lifestyle. All our boards surf like a dream, but even if they hang on walls, they have the power to instill a sense of adventure in everyone who sees them.


See you in the water!

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Thank you for being a part of the Ventana adventure!

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Martijn Surfing Baja California on a Ventana wooden surfboard