Martijn surfing a Ventana surfboardWe recognize that a healthy ocean is critical to the health of all living organisms and that the success of a surf-related business like Ventana requires it. 

Our approach to giving is straightforward. We participate in vendor events and donate 10% of our sales to a local ocean conservation organization of our choosing. We select organizations with a proven track record of achieving results. We also offset the carbon footprint of our shipments.

You can review our future and past event list to see the organizations we've chosen for each event. You'll notice that we are hyper-local in our approach. For instance, when we sell at an event in Santa Cruz, we support organizations working to protect the health of Monterey Bay. When we're in San Francisco, we support organizations protecting that region.

We also donate 5% of gross profits from online sales to selected organizations.

Organizations we have supported include: