How to have more fun bodysurfing by using a Ventana handplane

Frank Scott Kreuger of Humble Sea Brewing Co. bodysurfing with a Ventana handplaneBodysurfing is a thrilling and uncomplicated way to ride the waves and using a handplane can enhance the experience. A handplane is a small, flat board that is attached to one hand and held out in front of the body to create a planing surface while bodysurfing. It offers several benefits:

  1. More speed: By using a handplane, you can generate more speed and momentum while bodysurfing, allowing you to ride faster and further on each wave.

  2. Better control: A handplane can help you to control your body position and trajectory while bodysurfing, making it easier to ride the wave in the direction you want to go.

  3. Greater lift: A handplane provides lift to the body, helping to keep you above the surface of the water. This can make bodysurfing more comfortable and enjoyable, especially in bigger waves.

  4. Increased endurance: Using a handplane can help to reduce the strain on your arms and legs while bodysurfing, allowing you to surf for longer periods of time without getting tired.

  5. More fun: Using a handplane can make bodysurfing more fun. It allows you to ride faster, control your trajectory, and stay above the water, all of which can add to the excitement of bodysurfing.

  6. Great for travel: Handplanes are thin, small, and lightweight. They pack well in a suitcase or carry-on bag. Take one with you every time you travel to a beach destination and keep one in your car, so you’ll always have a handplane handy. 

Overall, using a handplane while bodysurfing can enhance the experience in several ways. From increased speed and control to greater lift and endurance, a handplane is a valuable tool for any bodysurfer.

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