The Benefits of Using Reclaimed and Salvaged Wood

Using reclaimed and salvaged wood has become a popular trend in recent years as more people are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint.

Reclaimed Wood: Wood that was previously used in the construction of a house, pieces of furniture, barn, fence, or the like. 
Salvaged Wood: Wood that was never cut into lumber or used for construction.

 There are several benefits to using reclaimed and salvaged wood, including:

  • Sustainability: One of the main benefits of using reclaimed and salvaged wood is that it is a sustainable resource. When old buildings are demolished, the wood is often discarded, filling up landfills and contributing to deforestation. By salvaging this wood and giving it a new purpose, you are helping to reduce waste and decrease the demand for new wood. Western Flyer boat hull wood - Photo by: Vern Fisher
  • Durability: Reclaimed and salvaged wood is often much more durable than new wood. It has already stood the test of time and has been through a good deal of wear and tear, which means it may be more resistant to damage and decay.
  • Character: One of the most appealing aspects of reclaimed and salvaged wood is its character. Each piece has its own unique story and history, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to any space. Reclaimed and salvaged wood has a rustic, aged look that adds warmth and charm to a room. Ventana's reclaimed and salvaged wood inventory is among the most interesting in the world. We source our wood through the Ventana Upcycle Partner Program.
  • Better than new: Many species or types of reclaimed and salvaged wood are no longer available as "new." Thus, the older wood has more character and is often more interesting and beautiful than what can be purchased new. For instance, old growth redwood is no longer available for purchase as newly harvested wood. And old growth is more figured and beautiful than new redwood.Wine Tank oak
  • Eco-friendly: Using reclaimed and salvaged wood is an eco-friendly choice because it helps to reduce the demand for new wood, which is often harvested from old-growth forests. These forests are vital for the health of our planet, and by using reclaimed wood, you are helping to preserve them.
  • Cost-effective: Reclaimed and salvaged wood can be more affordable than new wood, especially if you are able to find it locally or use your own wood from barns, floorboards, fences, pallets, driftwood, and the like. When purchased, it is often sold in bulk, which can save you money on materials.

    In conclusion, using reclaimed and salvaged wood has several benefits, including being sustainable, durable, cost-effective, better than new, and eco-friendly. It adds character and charm to any space and can be a cost-effective choice. Consider using reclaimed wood for your next home project and help reduce waste and preserve our planet's resources.

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